Every journey starts with a dream…

Every journey starts with a dream… Ours? Lighting up your sports club or stadium with sustainable LED lighting. So you can keep a clear view of the game while saving money at the same time! After conducting a scan, we provide tailored lighting advice. We handle the subsidy and financing arrangements, implementation and maintenance of the lighting solution. Sportslightinggroup.com has got you covered from start to finish. Whether you’re a rising star or you’re already there, we’ll be here lighting your way to greatness!

Sustainable LED Sports Lighting for Your Club

We contribute to future-proofing sports clubs, and keeping them that way. How, you ask? We install LED sports field lighting based on independent advice and a solid business case. From the initial scan to the final installation, Sportslightinggroup.com is with you every step of the way. You can read all about it on our website, but we are also happy to visit your club.

Sports Lighting for Tennis

Game. Set. Match. Make the switch to sustainable LED lighting for your tennis club.

Sustainable court lighting means more light, less energy consumption, and lower energy bills. It provides perfect visibility for players and spectators and fully complies with the Sports Association’s guidelines. Make every match a smash hit!

Project LED Sports Lighting Upgrade at FC Utrecht’s Stadion Galgenwaard

Sportlightinggroup.com successfully completed a project for FC Utrecht, equipping Stadion Galgenwaard with sustainable LED lighting.

As early as 2020, Sportverlichting.com discussed the sustainability of stadium lighting with FC Utrecht. By 2022, with a dwindling stock of traditional gas discharge lamps and decreasing light output, action was needed to meet KNVB licensing requirements.

Calculating the Cost Savings for Sports Lighting

Of course, you would like to know how much you can save with LED sports lighting. We want to inform your club about the possibilities of LED lighting, subsidies, financing solutions, and the associated payback period. To provide a good price estimate, we need some additional information. Please fill in all the required fields.

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